The Challenge:

Tax start-up Taxavo specialise in assisting individuals and businesses with their tax returns. Designed to make the process easy and stress-free, the web-based product allows the user to submit their documents, information (submitted through a survey design) and tax-related content to the site, and Taxavo do the rest.

Taking each step from the dashboard, we were tasked to complete a responsive user flow for an individual to submit their tax information, eventually submitting it to the relevant tax authorities. All in a one-off fee, the user can rest easy knowing that their tax return has been submitted effectively under the expertise of the Taxavo agents.


Stepping into the main submission flow, the user is first approached with a set of options to select from. Keeping the page background grey allowed for the focus to be kept within the main content selections including the bright selected state styled in blue. The primary action is “Save and Continue” - allowing the user to move forward with assurance that they can return to their previously saved step at a later date if needed.


A dynamic design that updates with the next available question upon completion of the previous. Through revealing each question in this behaviour, this prevents a potentially daunting, long form experience. A far left sidebar has been added from this step onwards to help the user see the percentage completed as they progress through the forms. This also offers help when required. We’ve designed a responsive calendar and other components to help complete the more complex fields. 


With two dominant options on this step - paying now or later, this clear selection has been applied within a toggle format. A short and simple form has been designed for the ‘pay now’ option - including the card details and address information. The responsive choices have been created with a focused design on the selected option in blue with some shadowing to keep this prominent. Once submitted through a visually secure CTA - using a lock icon within, the user receives a confirmation message featuring a payment reference.


2 column grid design to upload documents for the tax submission. Split into 2 rows to help users navigate the document types, users can drag and drop documents in each desired area on desktop whilst uploading straight from their device via pressing the area on mobile. Once the documents have been submitted, a colourful icon has been introduced to show multiple uploads, with a 2 column list detailing each upload with the option to remove individually if needed.

Approval flow

Upon submitting, the user must wait 48 hours minimum for their return to be sent to them for approval. We designed multiple states to accommodate this waiting period and for receiving the return. The user has the option to download or preview the document prior to approving their return. A clear check list is shown in the dashboard view allowing users to view their progress and remaining steps. We also indicated the progress via a circular graph which completes with a percentage in-line with their progress.


A comprehensive dashboard design that allows for active tax returns to take pride of place at the top of the page. Users can add multiple tax returns as needed, with the option to expand and collapse each return. 

Shown right as the completed state at 100%, their entire return has been effectively submitted to the tax authorities, shown as the final check mark in the list.

Users can download or preview their return via the top text CTAs whilst they can contact customer support to make edits if required.

Shown across all dashboard states, the ‘How does it work?’ section showcases the 4 steps needed to complete the process. Presented with highly visual illustrations, each step is detailed with accompanying text below each image. We designed this to feel consistent with their public site that uses the same image styling.

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Wonderful team to work with, they are incredibly skilled, dedicated and work exactly to deadlines. All communication was very clear and the aims were laid out and they went above and beyond. Was a real pleasure working with the guys and I look forward to working with them again in the future!

Andy Croft

Moken are a brilliant agency to work with. They took the time to understand our requirements and worked very quickly to ensure we could deliver this project on time. The whole execution was great from the designs to supplying the HTML & CSS. The Travis Perkins team were really impressed once it was live.

Mollie McGrath
Digital Content Executive
Travis Perkins

Moken were great to work with. The team understood the requirements and took true ownership of the project adding invaluable advice. I would recommend Moken as their services and delivery was second to none.

Amit Patel

We approached Moken to help create a fresh and engaging user experience for our fishing app. As a result, our original dark interface has been adapted into a light and delightful user interface which has been rolled out across the app. Our continued collaboration has seen an overall increase in user engagement for new users and our existing angler activation rates.

Chris Atkinson

It’s a pleasure for me to endorse Moken. They delivered above and beyond our expectations. Providing a thoroughly professional and consultative level of service throughout the project as well as round the clock communications and proactive ideation for me and my team. They produced a top-notch platform on time and more importantly within budget, Well done guys!

John Murphy

Very professional, timely and high-quality work, helping us execute on sophisticated Optimizely experiments.

Ralph Chochlac
VP of Product

The team were straight to the point and understood our needs right away. The final product exceeded our expectation and we will be definitely using Barry and team in the future.

Jake Bartlett