In a world saturated with digital imagery, photographers are on a mission to bring the tactile joy of printed photos back to life. This is where Aperture steps in, offering a seamless and user-friendly solution for photographers to deliver their captured moments as high-quality prints directly to their customers' hands. Aperture's innovative approach eliminates the need for customer accounts while ensuring a professional touch through whitelabel packaging.

The Challenge

The project revolves around reimagining Aperture's online presence to achieve three core objectives:

  1. Conversion Boost: The primary goal is to enhance the website's ability to turn visitors into customers. This involves designing a landing page that not only captivates attention but also compels users to take the final step in placing an order.
  2. USP Communication: Aperture's unique selling point - the use of whitelabel packaging for direct customer delivery - needs to be not only communicated but celebrated. The challenge lies in crafting a design that vividly illustrates the benefits of this distinct feature.
  3. Lead Generation: Beyond immediate sales, the project aims to lay the foundation for the future. The redesigned post-checkout thank you page should entice photographers to sign up as beta testers for Aperture's forthcoming software, creating a community of forward-looking individuals eager to explore new possibilities.

Hero section re-design:

Aperture's hero section, as the digital doorstep to its services, is primed for a revolutionary upgrade. Picture this: the moment visitors land on the page, they're met with a hero section that doesn't just welcome them; it empowers them to take action instantly.

Instant Photo Upload: The hero section now features a prominent and intuitive photo upload button. Visitors can select an image from their device, cloud storage, or social media accounts, right there in the hero section. This frictionless process eliminates any delay between inspiration and execution.

Highlighting the USP

Crucially, the website's architecture brilliantly showcases Aperture's unique selling proposition - the use of whitelabel packaging for direct customer delivery. Through visual storytelling and concise copy, the advantages of this feature are front and center, leaving visitors in no doubt about the value it brings. This strategic placement ensures that the USP is not just understood, but embraced by users.


Aperture's revamped testimonials breathe life into customer experiences. Through compelling visual storytelling and personal narratives, these testimonials forge deeper emotional connections, prolong user engagement, enhance brand trust, and vividly illustrate the profound impact of Aperture's services..

Impactful Thank You Page:

The thank you page, designed with equal thoughtfulness, serves a dual purpose. Not only does it confirm orders, but it also acts as a gateway to Aperture's future. By inviting photographers to join as beta testers for upcoming software, the page transforms satisfied customers into excited participants in Aperture's journey forward.

By strategically placing compelling Call To Action (CTA) buttons, we've enabled users to seamlessly engage with the service. The immersive testimonial experience we've crafted gives a real-life touch to the brand, while the hero section's instant photo upload feature brings a sense of immediacy and empowerment. Designing with a clear focus on the unique selling point (USP) of whitelabel packaging has been rewarding, ensuring that this distinctive feature takes center stage. This redesign is more than pixels and layout; it's about evoking emotions, sparking connections, and turning digital interactions into cherished memories.

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Wonderful team to work with, they are incredibly skilled, dedicated and work exactly to deadlines. All communication was very clear and the aims were laid out and they went above and beyond. Was a real pleasure working with the guys and I look forward to working with them again in the future!

Andy Croft

Moken are a brilliant agency to work with. They took the time to understand our requirements and worked very quickly to ensure we could deliver this project on time. The whole execution was great from the designs to supplying the HTML & CSS. The Travis Perkins team were really impressed once it was live.

Mollie McGrath
Digital Content Executive
Travis Perkins

Moken were great to work with. The team understood the requirements and took true ownership of the project adding invaluable advice. I would recommend Moken as their services and delivery was second to none.

Amit Patel

We approached Moken to help create a fresh and engaging user experience for our fishing app. As a result, our original dark interface has been adapted into a light and delightful user interface which has been rolled out across the app. Our continued collaboration has seen an overall increase in user engagement for new users and our existing angler activation rates.

Chris Atkinson

It’s a pleasure for me to endorse Moken. They delivered above and beyond our expectations. Providing a thoroughly professional and consultative level of service throughout the project as well as round the clock communications and proactive ideation for me and my team. They produced a top-notch platform on time and more importantly within budget, Well done guys!

John Murphy

Very professional, timely and high-quality work, helping us execute on sophisticated Optimizely experiments.

Ralph Chochlac
VP of Product

The team were straight to the point and understood our needs right away. The final product exceeded our expectation and we will be definitely using Barry and team in the future.

Jake Bartlett